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ARCIS is a powerful Practice Management and Electronic Health Record system built by REIs and software specialists specifically for fertility clinics. ARCIS is proven to simplify and improve your workflow to deliver the very best care while optimizing your financial results.

ARCIS gives you and your practice a comprehensive, integrated suite of benefits:

Practice Management

  • Scheduling: Schedule patients more efficiently
  • Billing and Coding: Easy interface with your current billing, coding and accounting systems
  • Global, Prepayment and Online Payments: Increase revenue and cash flow
  • Online Consent, Documents and Education: Reduce staff cost and increase efficiencies
  • Patient Portal and Messaging: Communicate more efficiently and decrease patient dropout

Electronic Health Record

  • Dashboards, Flowsheets, Cycle Monitoring, Graphs and Calendars: Simplify clinic and business
  • Electronic Orders for Lab, Prescriptions and Radiology: Save time and reduce errors
  • Laboratory Information System (LIS): Built for ART laboratories
  • Regulatory Reports: Automate and control compliance with FDA, HIPAA, CCHIT, ONC and SART
  • Ultrasound and Laboratory Test Analyzer Interfaces: Save time and simplify clinical care
  • Automatic Embryo, Eggs and Sperm, Fresh and Cryo preserved, Storage/InventoryTracking and Billing: Increase revenues and reduce risk

One comprehensive system to advance clinic, lab, provider referrals, surgery center, patient engagement, compliance and business operations to power your IVF practice. ARC created ARCIS with AntWorks, experts in developing EHRs since 1978, to give IVF clinicians a flexible, turn-key solution for all their information technology needs.