About Us

ARC® Fertility is a nationwide network of top fertility clinics offering discounted treatment packages and financing. Founded by physicians in 1997, ARC provides patients with evidence-based treatment options that ensure the greatest opportunity for success and believes that by providing IVF clinics with fertility specific technology, they can further improve patient experience and access. ARC Fertility is committed to providing and supporting the most reliable resources, products, as well as services to patients and clinics.

ARCIS EHR and PM system was built by REIs and software specialists specifically for fertility clinics. ARC has brought its deep knowledge of the unique requirements and challenges of managing an IVF practice and lab and has partnered with a leading healthcare technology organization, AntWorks Healthcare to build a powerful and customized tool.

Antworks Healthcare is much more than a typical technology provider. They have a passion for care and they’ve made it their mission to help physicians and healthcare providers practice medicine more efficiently. Their fully-integrated suite of solutions was built leveraging over 40 years of expertise in helping healthcare providers solve profitability and time-management issues.